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In Ground Vinyl Liner Pool Construction


In-ground vinyl liner pool construction involves the process of building a swimming pool with a vinyl liner that is installed inside a structure made of steel, or polymer walls. Here are the key steps involved in the construction of an in-ground vinyl liner pool.

Design and Planning: The first step is to design the pool according to your preferences and available space. This includes determining the size, shape, depth, and features of the pool. We will work together to create a custom design or choose from pre-designed options.

Base Construction: The pool's base, also known as the pool's "footer," is constructed to provide a solid foundation for the walls. Typically, a mixture of concrete and gravel is poured into the excavated area and compacted to create a stable base.

Pool Floor Construction: After the walls are installed, the pool floor is prepared. It is typically made of a mixture of an aggregate and cement, which is spread and leveled to create a smooth and even surface.

Vinyl Liner Installation: The vinyl liner, which acts as the waterproofing membrane for the pool, is installed. The liner is made of a durable vinyl material that is custom-fit to the pool's shape and size. It is carefully positioned and secured to the walls and floor of the pool.

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