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Pool renovations


Swimming pool renovations involve making significant changes or improvements to an existing pool to enhance its appearance, functionality, or safety. Renovations can range from minor upgrades to complete overhauls of the pool structure and its surrounding area. Here are some common types of pool renovations:

Equipment Upgrades: Renovating the pool's equipment can enhance its functionality and energy efficiency. This may involve replacing or upgrading items such as pool pumps, filters, heaters, or automation systems. Energy-efficient equipment can help reduce operating costs and provide better control over the pool's operations.

Structural Modifications: In some cases, a pool renovation may involve structural modifications to change the shape, size, or depth of the pool. This is a more extensive renovation that requires careful planning and professional expertise to ensure the structural integrity of the pool.

Deck Replacement or Resurfacing: Swimming pool decks can become stained, worn and even broken over time. There are some instances where the deck could be possibly ground and resurfaced. However, it would happen to be past the point of salvaging, full tear out and replacement can be arranged.

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